Skin Envy

I had a conversation with our laser specialist, Twila, the other day that really gave me something to think about.  Twila has gorgeous skin.  I swear the woman has no pores and there isn’t a flaw on her face.  I’ve seen her quite often with zero makeup and her skin still looks perfect.  I have serious skin envy every time I look at her.  On this particular day, I was complaining to Twila about my own less-than-perfect complexion.  It seems no matter how many different laser treatments Twila has done on me over the years, I still don’t have the beautiful skin I long for, and by that I mean Twila’s skin.  Twila listened to me complain for awhile and then gave me a bit of truth to think about.  She said Tami, “You will never have my skin no matter what you do.”  Huh?  That wasn’t very encouraging.  She followed up by saying, “You will never have my skin, and I will never have your legs, or Cynde’s butt no matter what I do.  All you can strive for is to be the best version of you.”  She then reminded me of what my complexion looked like before she got a hold of my face.  Between acne scars, brown spots and ruddy cheeks, there was no way I would leave my house without makeup.  Even then, I was self-conscious about my skin.  Now my acne scars are significantly improved and the brown spots and ruddy cheeks are all cleared up.  I wear just a tinted sunscreen now instead of foundation.  My kids honestly think I look better now than I did in my 20’s and 30’s.  Thank you, Twila!

That conversation was a reminder to quit comparing myself to everyone else and just be the best version of me I can be, inside and out.  Be the best version of you, and if your skin bothers you, come see Twila.  You may not walk away with her flawless skin, but I can promise you this.  You will have the best skin of your life!