If you find yourself reaching for your wallet to buy a new suit or pair of jeans to boost your confidence and up your look, hold on. Updated grooming, such as inch reduction and improved skin care, can change your appearance and have you looking your best in the public eye.   Below are some essential grooming tips that will help you put your best foot forward!

  1. Ease your stress, loosen tight muscles, improve posture and a whole lot more with massage therapy.
  2. Manage excessive body hair with laser hair reduction or waxing.
  3. Do you have pudge that won’t budge no matter how much time you spend in the gym? Lose inches off your body with our Strawberry Laser.
  4. Schedule regular haircuts to maintain your style.  Visit our Redken hair stylist for the freshest cuts to compliment you!
  5. Brighten your skin and ease redness from razor burn with our Men’s Facial.
  6. Why so angry? Consider Botox  or Xeomin and fillers such as Radiesse to soften those frown lines.
  7. Want to turn back the clock?  Consider one of several laser treatment options that will smooth skin, erase sun spots, and reduce wrinkles.