Empty Nester Blues

My youngest child is leaving for college in Colorado in  a couple of weeks and too soon, I’ll join the ranks of the empty nesters.  I’ve talked to some moms who are eager for this life change and can’t wait to do their own thing whatever that may be.  I’m not one of those moms.  The crying began at the start of my son’s senior year and pretty much continued until after the graduation ceremony.  I was doing pretty good, and thought I was finally ready to let go — until yesterday.  With 2 weeks remaining until we move him to Colorado, the crying has started again, only worse.  Now when we sit down for dinner, it hits me that he won’t be with us at the table every night  much longer.  I see him sleeping and realize I won’t have my son in his room every night much longer.  I know he’ll be home for breaks, but those will be visits.  His home will now be in Colorado.  Of course, I’m excited for him and very proud of what he’s accomplished,  but now I realize that like it or not, I’m entering a new phase in my life, and I better get on board with that fact.  Raising kids has been a rewarding adventure, but new adventures await.

Okay, along with all the emotions that come with sending your youngest off to college, comes the realization that you’re getting old.  I may feel like I’m in my 20’s, but one look in the mirror reveals the truth.  Fortunately, I work at Prime Medical Spa and know about the latest and greatest anti-aging treatments.  I plan on taking advantage of everything we offer and along with that, I’m committing to a healthier lifestyle (only two diet DPs a day) which includes drinking lots of water, exercising and eating right.  If I’m going to start a new life adventure (whatever that may look like), I’m going to look and feel good doing it!  Seriously, I believe that anyone going through a life transition should focus on looking and feeling their best.  I also plan to let God lead the way for whatever future plans He has for my life.  The nest may soon be empty, but I know the future will be full of blessings.

Tami, Spa Director